Miami – The Spectacular Walls of Wynwood

· Florida - North America ·

March 15, 2017

Can we please load all of these incredible artists on a bus and take them all over the world to brighten up the gritty grey ghettos that cities hide so well? How does this kind of art make you feel? Do you drink it in, like me? Do you think it doesn't have a place on the streets, that it belongs in galleries away from the (non-paying) public?

All I know is it that when I travel I almost always stumble into these areas, and it makes me feel like I’m coming home. The same kind of feeling you get when the beat of a song moves your body for you.  I am very aware of the latent artistic skills within myself bubbling beneath the surface, and that there is very clearly something in me that is looking for a means of creative expression which is why I’m so drawn to capturing street art wherever I go.   This post doesn’t need more context. The art is the story.  This is Wynwood.  Enjoy folks.





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