Los Angeles – Street Art in Downtown LA

· California - North America ·

March 30, 2017

I stumbled across the downtown LA street art scene by mistake. Initially heading to Chinatown for a look around I realized I had given the Uber driver the wrong address, so when the car came to a halt after an unsuccessful scout for landmarks I gave the beautiful sunshine outside one look and opted instead to get out and walk the abandoned streets.

Here’s the thing, when I touched down at LAX recently it was my first time in California.  I didn’t expect to be so affected by LA, but whatever was going on felt great so I decided just to run with it.  The moment I set foot in the arrivals terminal this blended wave of excitement and peacefulness settled over me not leaving me once the entire time I spent in Cali. It’s interesting as I didn’t have anything specifically exciting to look forward to, I was going to couch surf at the home of a friend I’d made in Peru a couple of months before and basically leave my days to be filled by spontaneity.

Over the next four weeks, I walked the streets. I walked with my earphones in, I introspected, I walked until my feet ached, I introspected some more and took photographs to document what I saw along the way.  I’m not too sure what it is about street art that resonates with me so much but it pulls me in every time, the artistic protest on the walls passively rebelling against the otherwise gritty streets and buildings they are canvassed upon.  I’m attracted by it’s diversity and accessibility, and ultimately it’s the place where the slumbering exhibitionist in me feels as if it’s come home, every time.  Here are my highlights…


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